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Top Things to Do and Explore in Himalayan Kingdom-Bhutan

When the word Bhutan is heard then we can only imagine red robbed monks, the snow capped Himalayas, gushing rivers and rustic lifestyle. These things are just a few to count, because Bhutan has numerous attractions and things to do and explore. This lays a perfect platform for every tourist to relax on the lap of nature, indulge in doing adventurous activities like trekking and biking and enjoy meeting with friendly local in a happiest place on the earth.

Let us discuss about some exciting and interesting things to do in Bhutan:

Experience Spirituality with Meditation:

In Bhutan you can reconnect with yourself by experiencing spirituality of Buddhism Bhutan is dotted with numerous monasteries, which you can visit to hear Buddhist hymns that will offer a soulful experience. .By indulging yourself in meditation sessions at one of the monasteries, you can feel and experience spirituality.

Enjoy Trekking and Biking in Nature’s Serenity:

You will get a golden opportunity to inhale some fresh air while trekking or biking through some most challenging routes of the Great Himalayas. These days, tourists and most youths are more inclined to enjoy Bhutan trekking and biking activity.  It will offer a wonderful experience to witness the dawn breaking while climbing the hills or biking through the virgin forests of Bhutan. Best place for hiking in Bhutan- Tiger’s Nest (Taktsang monastery) and Biking- The Dochula Pass.

Indulge in Most Anticipate Shopping Activity:

When travelling to Bhutan, you cannot resist yourself from buying some of the woolen clothes sold here that includes warm and soft sweaters and shawls. You can buy the turquoise and coral trinkets that will prove to be perfect souvenirs as these represent famous lungta handicrafts of Bhutan. Apart from this collecting the rich thangka paintings and metal foiled Bhutanese stamps can make lifetime treasures.

Explore Busy Markets:

You must head to Centenary Farmer’s market, located near the Wangchhu River, which is located close to Thimpu to witness one of the largest markets for farmers in Bhutan. In this market farmers come to sell their organic production. The market has 458 stalls of fruit, vegetables, meat and other food items as well as offers handicrafts for sale.

Try Out Tongue Tickling Delicacies:

Be prepared to experience your encounter with the height of spiciness by tasting Bhutan favorite dishes. Some of the popular dishes are momos, Phaksha Paa (pork cooked with red chilies) and Jasha Maru (Spicy minced chicken).

To experience a naturally serene land where happiness is simplicity, you need to book a well planned Bhutan tour today. Bhutan Buddha Travellers is a most competent Bhutan tour operator that strives for providing budget-friendly and organized tour and travel packages for family or individuals.

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