Frequently Asked Questions About Bhutan

What is the best time to visit Bhutan?
Do I need a Visa for Bhutan? How can I obtain a Visa for Bhutan?
What Documents will I require at the Airport when I come to Bhutan?
How do I enter Bhutan? From where do I enter?
How much does the visa cost?
How much does it cost to visit Bhutan?
What does the $200/$250 per day minimum daily package include?
How do I book the package tour to Bhutan?
What currency is used in Bhutan?
How should we make our payments?
What kind of transport vehicles are used for the trips?
How far in advance do I have to sign up for the tours?
What will be the food like?
What is the language of Bhutan?
Are there any embassies in Bhutan?
Can I use credit cards in Bhutan?
Are there ATM’s in Bhutan?
Do we need to cover travel insurance?
Is my advance payment safe and secure?
What kind of hotels do you use?
What kind of tour guide do you use for the trip?
How do I book the Druk-Air, the Royal Bhutan Airlines and Tashi Air, Bhutan Airlines Tickets? And how will I receive the flight tickets?
Is their internet available?