injured black-necked crane

The Black-necked Crane of Phobjikha

                                                                        The Black-necked Crane of Phobjikha The black-necked crane locally called as the “Thrung Thrung kam” is a rare species of […]

Seasonal Bhutan Tours

Tips to Visit Bhutan by Considering the Seasonal Attractions

The Himalayan Kingdom-Bhutan is a small yet wonderful country that is nestled between India and Tibet. A stunning natural scenery and the strong sense of culture and tradition of Bhutan makes it one of the best holiday destinations in the world that will leave you rejuvenated and relaxed while exploring its pristine environment and harmonious […]

upcoming festval tour in bhutan

List of Upcoming Festivals to Experience Bhutan Glorious Traditions

Intact culture and livelier traditions of Bhutan plays an important role in attracting tourists from all over the world. The magical Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is proud of its origin, religion and cultural quirks. Bhutan celebrates cultural events and festivals throughout the year, which signifies the celebration of its long-standing traditions. Witnessing Bhutan festivals will […]

bhutan cultural tour

Top 3 ways of Exploring a Rich Culture of The Last Shangri-La- Bhutan

The tiny Himalayan Kingdom in Asia, Bhutan lies in total isolation from rest of the world while keeping alive the rich cultures, traditions and ancient values. The Last Shangri-La- Bhutan is a magical kingdom that has unspoiled natural beauty and unique cultures, which a visitor can suitably explore on a well planned holiday trip. In […]

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