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Top 3 ways of Exploring a Rich Culture of The Last Shangri-La- Bhutan

The tiny Himalayan Kingdom in Asia, Bhutan lies in total isolation from rest of the world while keeping alive the rich cultures, traditions and ancient values. The Last Shangri-La- Bhutan is a magical kingdom that has unspoiled natural beauty and unique cultures, which a visitor can suitably explore on a well planned holiday trip.

In this post, we are going to give you a little glimpse into the amazing culture of Bhutan:

#1- Experience the Modern Royal Kingdom:

Bhutan is considered to be the oldest mountain kingdom in the world and as well as counted as one of the few remaining royal kingdoms in the world. The In this royal kingdom of Bhutan a tourist can find the blend of old & new and essence of tradition & modernity. You can experience the deep respect for the royal family among the locals. Do not forget to maintain the strict code of etiquette as a tourist, because in Bhutan the locals believe in preserving a respectful society.

#2- Witness Exquisite Bhutan Textiles:

You will find Bhutanese textiles represent a rich and complex repository of unique for of art. The textile works of Bhutan are recognized for their abundance of color, sophistication and variation of patterns. An intricate dyeing and weaving techniques are used to create exclusive Bhutanese textiles, which are also a symbol of artistic heritage. Bhutanese textile works include 3 types of patterns like

  • Plain Weaves: These types of textile patterns are usually woven in patterns with stripes and plaids.
  • Warp Weaves: Warp patterns are characterized by their supplementary wrap floating technique that forms bands of repeated motifs on ground.
  • Weft Weaves: Weft patterns are also referred as Sapma (continuous weft patterns) and Tigma (discontinuous weft patterns) in Bhutan.

#3- Discover Spiritual Essence:

The land of Bhutan is filled with numerous monasteries that will take you back in the golden era of Buddhism. You will be surprised that the chain of monasteries of Jambey Lhakhang of Bhumthang and Kichu of Paro are part of legendary 108 temples, which were built on a single day to subdue an ogress. Trongsa Dzong will prove to be a majestic example of Bhutanese architecture; whereas The Taktsang Monastery of Paro or Tiger’s Nest and Punakha Dzong will offer a great ambience to experience the spiritual essence of Bhutan.

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